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Helium Streamer for iOS

Helium Streamer enables you to playback your personal music collection on an iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch device.

It streams and downloads music from Helium Music Manager. It works with all versions of Helium Music Manager - Free, Premium and Network.

This application is ideal if you want to listen to your Helium Music Manager's music collection away from your PC.
It uses the Wi-Fi connection to receive streamed music from Helium Music Manager from anywhere in and around your home and 3G if you are out and about. Music is cached on the device and is therefore available when offline from Helium Music Manager.

Helium Streamer enables the playback of Playlists, Searches, Suggested Tracks and User Favourites.
Details of the currently playing track are shown; as is information about the playing track's artist.

Helium Streamer interacts with Helium Music Manager's in-built Web Service to stream and download music to the device.


  • Easily stream and download music from Helium Music Manager
  • Operate in Connected (to Helium Music Manager) or Local mode (play previously downloaded music so there is no need to be constantly connected during replaying)
  • Full support for Helium Music Manager’s multi-User capability (Network Edition only)
  • Play or Pause your music
  • Select Next or Previous track
  • Set rating and favourite status for the playing track
  • Album artwork and details shown for the playing track
  • Lyrics shown for the playing track
  • Sub-tracks shown for the playing track
  • Built in play queue handling which allows reordering, replaying and more
  • Search Helium Music Manager's library for albums, artists, titles, genre, recording years, release years and publishers - play, enqueue or download found tracks
  • Browse Playlists / Smart Playlists and play them
  • Browse Playlist / Smart Playlist contents and play, enqueue or download individual tracks
  • Browse Suggested Tracks and play, enqueue or download them
  • Browse Favourite  Album, Artist and Tracks and play, enqueue or download them
  • View selected track's album and play, enqueue or download track's album or individual album tracks
  • View selected track's artist and play, enqueue or download artist's albums or individual album tracks
  • Scrobble played music to
  • Full multi-user support with Helium Music Manager (Network Edition)
  • One-click synchronization with Helium Music Manager (for backup of music files)
  • One-click download of music from Helium Music Manager (using a pre-defined synchronization list)
  • Translations: English and Swedish


  • This App requires Helium Music Manager version 11.0 or greater.
    (It will work with all versions of Helium Music Manager - Free, Premium and Network).
  • Wi-Fi connection to the PC running Helium Music Manager.
  • Runs on iOS 8 devices


Helium Music Manager - Options (on Windows PC)

  • Open Options from Tools > Options menu.
  • Scroll to the bottom in the left list and select Remote control (available under the Advanced header).
  • Setup the Port to use (default is 8080).
  • Checkmark Enable remote controlling using Helium Remote.
  • Click OK

Helium Streamer Settings on iOS

When you start the Streamer app for the first time you will be asked for:

  • The Address of the Windows PC running Helium Music Manager 11.0 or greater (e.g.
  • The Port number (as defined in Helium Music Manager - Options, see above).

Helium Music Streamer users

Users of Helium Music Streamer can use the built-in webserver to be able to use Helium Streamer for iOS without the need of start Helium Music Manager.

Just ensure that the Helium Music Streamer service is up and running, then connect to the same address and port as where Helium Music Streamer is running and you can now use all functions in Helium Streamer for iOS without the need of starting Helium Music Manager on your machine.


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