Feature Free Premium
Tag editor with spreadsheet interface for lightning fast tagging
Advanced tag editor with support for more than 60 individual fields
Integrated player with support for auto-DJ mode

WASAPI driven playback for the most effecient playback together with automated enqueue modes.

Playlist manager with support for unlimited playlists and smart playlists divided in folders
Rename files and generate custom folder structures with a few clicks
Quickly convert audio files into other formats

Convert a batch of files from one format into another in just a few clicks. Tags are of course also migrated so no retagging should be neccesary.

Configurable 10-band equalizer

Take advantage of the equalizer to get the most optimal listening experience.

CD Ripper

Rip tracks from CDs into all common formats with full normalization support (where supported)

File splitter

Split a large file into several small files defined by lengths. Full support for CUE file for definition of tracks and metadata.

Dark and light user-interface theme
Full scripting support for powerfull automation operations

Create powerfull scripts to automate tagging tasks, create lists and much more. Click this link for more details

Six powerfull browsing views and subviews

Use the views to browse your collection by releases, artists, labels and tracks in the way that fits you the best.

Mass download album and artist picture limit 20 Unlimited
Available thumbnail sizes 1 3
Releases view modes 1 3
Artists view modes 1 3
Customizable thumbnail sizes

Choose if you would like the most out of your pictures or if you would like to see more entries at once.

Unlimited custom Advanced Tag Editor templates

Freely design templates for the Advanced Tag Editor with custom number of columns per tab, unlimited tabs and much more.

High precision position-bars

Work like the pros with wave-form and spectrogram position bars to control the playback with a higher precision.

Analyze and repair your MP3 and FLAC files

Analyse your MP3 and FLAC files and repair identified MP3 errors with just a few clicks.

Locate and manage duplicate files

Quickly identify and remove duplicate files from your collection.

Subtrack editing and playback

Tag multiple tracks within one large file without splitting it. Full playback and search support.

Quick and powerful view specific filters

Use the powerful filters work with specific parts of your collecion to be more efficient.

Collections and volumes

Group tracks into collections and volumes for powerful and quick grouping and catalogizing

Customization of Music Explorer sub-nodes

Configure the childrens of nodes in the Music Explore to your needs.

Five customizable template driven columns

Control the contents of these columns with a template driven system to let it show the exact aggregated contents you prefer.

Genre view

Work with releases and tracks filtered by genre

Year view

Work with releases and tracks filtered by year

Labels view

Work with releases and artists from specific record labels and sub-labels

In-depth interactive statistics

Use the realtime statistics to get information about your playing history, listening habits and much more.

Powerful advanced search capabilities via a graphic interface

Create the exact searches you need with multiple arguments and operators to locate the music of your choice.

Direct editing of tags in track lists

Quickly correct incorrect spellings, empty data and more without the need of starting a tag editor.

Creation and switching between multiple databases

Create and switch between unlimited number of databases and types.

Multiple user support with separated ratings, playlists, favourites and more

Keep music at one place at your home, but keep ratings, playlists and favourites per-user.

Shared playlists between multiple users
Mobile applications for remote controlling (iOS, Android and Windows 10)
Support for SQL Server Databases (local and remote)
Support for MySql/MariaDb Databases (local and remote)
Unlimited customer support

If you need help or suggestions with anything related to Helium, just contact us!