Helium Remote for iOS and Android

Helium Remote is an app that enables you to remotely control Helium while away from your computer.

Use it away from your computer

This application is ideal if you want to control Helium away from your PC.

It uses the Wi-Fi/3G/4G connection to receive playing information and to send control commands to Helium from anywhere in and around your home and around. You can therefore become a remote DJ and control music for your parties without having to be near to your PC.


  • Easily control Helium from your sofa
  • Play or Pause your music
  • Select Next or Previous track
  • Full control of music volume
  • Full control of track playback position
  • Set rating and favourite status for playing track
  • Album artwork and details shown for playing track
  • Browse the Play queue and play tracks
  • Search Helium's library for albums, artists, titles, genre, years and publishers - play or enqueue found tracks
  • Browse your library in various way to find and play tracks
  • No additional software to Helium required on PC


  • This application requires a Premium license of Helium 13 or greater.
  • Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection to the PC running Helium


Helium - Options (on Windows PC)

  1. Open the Tools > Options menu.
  2. Scroll down in the left list and select Web service.
  3. Setup the Port to use.
  4. Click the Enable web service checkbox.
  5. Optionally click the Open port in Windows Firewall button if you plan on using the Helium Remote app from outside of your home network.
  6. Click OK to save the settings and start the web service that Helium Remote uses.

Helium Remote settings on iOS or Android

When you start the Remote app for the first time you will be asked for:

  • The Address of the Windows PC running Helium (e.g.
  • The Port number (as defined in Helium - Options, see above).