Helium Streamer

Access your entire collection wherever you are, on whatever device

Different ways to browse

There are a variety of ways to browse your music collection including by artist, album, title, genre, year and more.

Helium Streamer enables the playback of playlists, searches, suggested tracks and user favourites. Details of the currently playing track are shown; as is information about the playing track's artist.

The app fully supports multiple users to ensure that you see exactly your personal playlists, favourites and ratings. Whilst playing you can change rating and favourite per-user as well as scrobble tracks with Last.fm.

Helium Streamer consists of a web based music streamer application installed on your Windows computer and optionally the Helium Streamer app for Android or iOS.

Helium Streamer for Windows

This download installs the web based Helium Streamer. A Helium Streamer Premium license is needed in order to use the mobile apps for Android or iOS.

Free version

  • One single user account
  • 5 browsing views
    Labels, Genres, Years, Statistics, Releases, Artists, Tracks, Playlists, Folders
  • One thumbnail size
    Small, Medium, Large
  • SQLite database
  • First class technical support

Premium version

  • Unlimited separate user accounts
  • 9 browsing views
    Releases, Artists, Tracks, Playlists, Folders, Labels, Genres, Years, Statistics
  • Three thumbnail sizes
    Small, Medium, Large
  • Multiple database type support
  • First class technical support

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Helium Streamer for Android and iOS

These optional downloads are used to stream music to your mobile device. Helium Streamer Premium is needed in order to use these apps. The apps are free of charge!