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Imploded Software has a history back to 1997 when we released the first version of our flagship application - "Helium Music Manager".

This application was originally conceived as a small program which we named "MP3 Manager" which was released as freeware. Following intensive development (much of which was and still is based on input we receive from our highly competent users) this application developed into what is todays "Helium Music Manager".

From the beginning, our mission has been to create the most functionally complete, easy-to-use and broad based music management application available.

From the start we have always had a very complete and easy-to-use tag handling system. We were one of the first applications which supported id3 v1 tags as well as id3 v2.x tags (which we had full support for back in 1998 when the standard still was evolving).

In 1999 we started to equip Helium Music Manager with a database. This laid the groundwork for the database technologies which we have in Helium Music Manager today. This experience has enabled us to make our database functionally rich and at the same time stable.

Early in 2005 we launched the next generation of Helium Music Manager. This introduced the Music Information Browser, an entirely new way of browsing and cataloguing your music collection! At the same time we have taken the opportunity to introduce our new tag engine, which now handles all major digital music formats, both lossy and lossless.

In 2006 and 2007 we continued on the platform from 2005 to add even more functionality and stability to the program.

In 2008 we took it one step further. With a brand new interface we redefine music entertainment. Added iPod and iPhone support and new visual display modes in the software gives us a good ground to continue on.

In 2009 we release Helium Music Manager 7 with full unicode support. We also released a brand new product, the Helium Music Streamer which lets you access your entire music library from anywhere.

2010 started at full speed with many new features insuch as an iPhone App and highly improved performance in Helium Music Manager. We also release a new developer API which will help developers to develop third party integrations to the program.

In 2011 we lay a lot of focus on the Network version of Helium Music Manager. This enabled the possibility to let multiple users use the same music collection, but at the same time have their individual ratings, playlists and play counters intact. This feature is still to date unique and cannot be found in any competing product.

We released no less then four additional products in the Helium family, namely; Helium Audio Converter, Helium Audio Joiner, Helium Audio Splitter and Helium Audio Server.

2012 brought Helium Music Manager 9 and Helium Music Streamer 1.8 with lots of new features. We also published our first stand-alone Windows Phone apps which weren't connected to Helium Music Manager; Flag Quizzer and Currency Converter.

In 2013 we have released Helium Audio Ripper - a free CD ripper software for Windows. We have also released our first products for the Android platform; Flag Quizzer, Currency Converter, Helium Remote and Helium Streamer.

In 2014 we released Helium Music Manager 10, many updates to our mobile apps (Helium Remote and Helium Streamer for iOS, Android and Windows Phone).

In 2015 we released Helium Music Manager 11 and also started working on the next generation of Helium Music Manager (codenamed Neon) which we blog about here:

2016 continues the development of Neon and launches a new support forum at

We support an active forum for our customers and users (accessible via our website) and respond rapidly to feedback and suggestions on how we can improve our products by inputting these into our ongoing development and product plans.

Helium 12 was released in August and that was a big milestone for our new platform.

In december 2017 we released Helium 13, which comes with open APIs for extendability. Our mobile apps were all moved to a common platform for better maintainability and stability. Example plug-ins are available from our Github page.

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